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Custody Evaluation Examines Child Health And Safet

A child's best interest should be at the heart of any divorce proceeding. Many courts suggest and require a child custody evaluation before issuing any ruling on a divorce if the parents can't reach an agreement. Evaluation proves very important in cases where abuse or negligence is involved. Courts don't like to completely cut off contact between parents and children if they can help it. But there are times when it's necessary. Evaluation is performed by a psychologist that helps determine the health, welfare and safety of children. They will make suggestions as to a course of action regarding the children that the courts will consider in the case.

Children usually benefit from spending time with both parents after a divorce. During a child custody evaluation, a psychologist can determine whether this is advisable for a particular divorce case. In divorces where there have been incidents of abuse or negligence, it may be determined that limited visitations are necessary. This may involve court ordered, supervised visits or even no parental rights whatsoever. By examining a psychologists report, a court can decide on actions that reflect what is best for the children involved in the case.

Child Custody Evaluation Can Be Expensive

A child custody evaluation isn't always required for every case. However, if you plan on disputing visitation or seek full custody, it will likely be necessary. Before you decide to go into the process, you should prepare yourself. Evaluation may cost a great deal and combined with lawyer’s fee, you could owe several thousand dollars. Make sure you're fighting for custody for all the right reasons. If the dispute can be resolved through mediation or with your spouse, it would be much better for everyone. If however you are using your children's custody as a pawn or revenge against a spouse then you should reconsider. It could end up costing you more than you could imagine.

There are usually tests and questioning involved in a child custody evaluation. It's good to be both emotionally and mentally prepared for the outcome. It's also a good idea to consider a long period of evaluation so that a well rounded picture of the family dynamic can be seen. Divorce is a difficult thing on everyone involved, but especially children. Make sure that you’re doing what is best for your children and have their best interest at heart.

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