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Child Custody Cases May Turn Into Battle

Divorce is hard on any family, no matter what problems have been present in the past. But perhaps the hardest and most devastating part of divorce is the child custody battle that often ensues. Parents that battle it out over their children often don't realize the kind of stress and hardship they put their children through when they fight over custody. You will no doubt have to fight to keep your parental rights and possibly gain custodianship over your children. However, it's important to always keep children in mind when divorce is imminent. It's not fair to spouses or children to use them as pawns in divorce proceedings.

A parent's rights are so important during proceedings and after a divorce is final. A child custody battle usually crop up soon after the decision is made to separate and lawyers are brought into the fray. Things can turn ugly quickly, even if divorce was mutually agreed upon. No parent wants to lose control of their children and often, spouses can't agree upon visitation rights, custodianship and child support because of the pressures and stress of divorce. It can be difficult and even devastating to all involved because of the viciousness that often goes along with divorce.

A Child Custody Battle Can Be Mediated Successfully

To avoid a child custody battle and save all parties undue emotional stress, many people use the services of a custody mediator. These unbiased, third-party mediators can help spouses come to amicable solutions involving various aspects of custody. Issues involving visitation and custodianship can be discussed. You may also be able to discuss mutually foregoing child support. In the end, it is a judge that will go over and finalize any decisions that you will come to with a mediator. However, many judges will approve the compromises that you have decided upon with the help of a mediator.

Before getting into a heated child custody battle, remember that the two of you aren't the only ones involved. Your child's best interest should always be at the heart of any decisions you make. A mediator will have the child’s best interest in mind when helping to make agreements between separating spouses. Children shouldn’t be made pawns in a custody suit because their emotional and mental health should be your greatest concern. Keep that in mind as you progress through divorce proceedings to finalization and make the transition as simple as possible.

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