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Parental Arguements Hard On Child In Custody Case

It's almost an inevitability of divorce whether it's mutual or not. Child custody arguments can occur in even the most amiable separation and the only real defense against it is knowing your legal rights. For many people, the realization of a divorce comes as a complete shock. It's a shock that becomes even more real when they realize that they may be restricted from seeing their children. Having a good grasp of the laws yourself and seeking out good legal counsel will help to keep you in the right frame of mind as everything progresses toward the eventual finalization of the divorce.

One of the most common child custody arguments, and one of the hardest on children, is the determination of joint/shared custody or sole custody matters. No parent wants to cause their children undue grief, but in the case of divorces that are not mutually agreed upon, things can get very heated and downright vindictive in nature. Thankfully the courts can intervene and settle these matters in a way that's best for all parties involved. What is best for everyone is not always what children want. It's up to a parent or both parents to try their best to help kids understand why these things are happening and assure them that none of this is their fault.

Child Custody Arguements Shouldn't Spill Out Of Court

In divorce cases where there may be abuse, drugs or alcohol involved, courts will almost inevitably award custody to the parent not involved in these activities. It will be up to the judge to decide whether or not visitation rights will be extended to the non-custodial parent. The custodial parent, the one who the child will live with, will be responsible for the child's medical, educational, religious and overall needs. In a mutually desired divorce, both parents may avoid child custody arguments by sharing joint custody of their children. Even in this case however, one parent will likely be granted child support by the courts unless other arrangements have been made.

You shouldn't allow child custody arguments to spill outside of the court system. By doing so you can jeopardize your safety and your ability to gain custody of your children. If your soon to be ex-spouse tries to take things outside the courts, make sure to note every instance and seek legal counsel immediately.

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