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Custody Concerns Can Be Difficult For Unmarried

The number of single mothers and single fathers continue to grow every year. But when it comes to custody, unmarried men and women face some very difficult problems. Men in particular have a tough time establishing their parental rights when they aren't married to their child's biological mother. It may be hard, but for any parent seeking to gain either full or partial custody of their children outside of marriage, it's important to be willing to dedicate yourself to the court battle that is likely to ensue. Both men and women have successfully won custody of their children, even when unmarried, so there is every reason to try if it’s important to you.

There are many reasons why people seek child custody. Unmarried men, usually look to gain parental and visitation rights after discovering they have a child or after a break up with a girlfriend. Women may seek full custody when leaving an abusive relationship with a man. Even same sex couples may seek custody of children when relationships break up. The court system has seen many different types of custody cases as they filter through the system. Judges and lawyers work diligently to make sure that the best interest of the children are at the forefront of every case.

To Gain Custody Unmarried Couple May Face Evaluation

When seeking custody, unmarried individuals may have to go through a custody evaluation. These evaluations are usually used to help the courts determine the best course of action involving disputed custody. Both fathers and mothers have the right to be involved in a child's life, but it is entirely up to the court system to determine the extent of those rights. In some cases, a court may not award a father much in the way of rights whether married or not. It is a long time bias somewhat based on the "mother knows best" view. However, many fathers both married and unmarried have successfully fought for and won visitation rights or custodianship of their children.

If you're seeking custody, unmarried and male, you may have a bit more trouble than your female counterparts. But if the health, safety and welfare of your children are your main priority, there is every reason to try to gain custody of your children. Fathers are very important in the lives of children and men do have rights involving visitation even if unmarried.

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