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Tips For Avoiding Kidnapping During Custody Cases

It is every divorced parent's worst nightmare. It is the issue of custody, kidnapping and what ensues in the aftermath. In this terrible scenario, the non-custodial parent or a family member, in a bid to avoid a battle for custody, kidnaps the children and leaves the remaining parent worrying, waiting and heartbroken. It happens to families every single day and the outcome can be traumatic no matter how things turn out in the end. Truth be told, the only good outcome of this kind of situation is the return of the children to the custodial parent. And even then, the damage is already done. Someone is destined for jail time. The children may have experience hardships or any number of situations. And in the worst case scenario, a child may never come home again at all. But how best to avoid ever experiencing this situation?

If you have even the slightest suspicion that your spouse or a relative may be capable of spiriting your children away and even if you don't, learn all you can about how to protect your children. The first thing you should look into if you are newly divorcing is child custody. Consult an attorney and cement your rights as a parent for either joint or sole custody. Kidnapping can occur even in the case of "mutual" separations so don’t take it for granted that things are simply ok between you and your ex-spouse. Let child care providers and schools know not to release your kids to anyone but you or a person you authorize to pick them up. Child care and schools can be vulnerable areas that offer easy access to your children if they’re not informed.

Custody, Kidnapping And Family Members

It may be hard, but once you have custody, let your children know that they shouldn't go off with any family member without permission from you. You really can't be sure if you former spouse, his parents or anyone else might take your children away from you. All too often this is the case and sometimes the custodial parent never sees their kids again. Your children may not understand, but it's in their best interest. Custody, kidnapping and divorce shouldn't go hand in hand but often they do. Know the facts and protect your family as best you can.

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