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Evaluators Take A Close Look At Custody Cases

Divorce is hard enough, but custody battles often make separation even harder. Custody evaluators may be necessary in cases where there are visitation and custodianship disputes. Evaluators are trained psychologists that can help the courts determine the best possible resolution for custody issues through the use of tests, interviews or other methods. These evaluations examine the involved parties to determine the health, welfare and safety of the children and what will be best for them. The examination that these evaluators provide and their results are often used to help courts determine visitation and custodianship issues.

Many times, separating spouses can't come to amicable agreements about who will have full custody of the children and whether visitation will be allowed at all. In cases like these, custody evaluators may be required by the court to establish whether disputes are well founded or warranted. The course of action the court takes in these cases is often determined by what is discovered at the end of the evaluation period. The evaluator is usually trained psychologist experienced in custody matters and may be recommended or chosen by your lawyer. In cases of shared custody or the desire for full custody, they may be necessary in the fight for your parental rights.

Custody Evaluators Aren't Always Necessary

Employing a custody evaluator's services may add several thousand dollars to the cost of divorce. It would be much better if a separating couple could simply use a custody mediator in order to come to an amicable agreement upon custody matters. However, in cases of abuse or negligence that may not be an option that you can reasonably accept. It is at times like these that a custody evaluation becomes very important. The results can help to strengthen cases of those requesting full custody and those that involve removal of all visitation rights.

Custody evaluators aren't always necessary in all cases. Divorces where couples have come to agreements regarding custody not be legally required to use an evaluator. However the laws vary from state to state, so it's important to examine the issue carefully and discuss the matter with a lawyer if you have concerns. Custody evaluators work with the child's best interest in mind. Seeking evaluation can run into several thousands of dollars so you should make sure you're seeking custody for all the right reasons. Those seeking custody as a revenge or using the children as pawns in a divorce may find themselves losing both monetarily and even more.

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