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Fathers Seeking Custody Face Gender Bias Battles

It shouldn't really be an issue these days, but old habits die hard. Child custody gender bias still manages to rear its ugly head in court rooms across the country. All too often a father who desperately wants custody of his child hears those fateful words "It is the opinion of this court that, in the best interest of the child, custody be awarded to the mother." Or something to that degree. Old fashioned stereotypes of the "hard-working dad" who is too tired to deal with the kids, have come back to haunt this new generation of fathers. Despite the fact that single fathers have proven themselves able to handle the pressures of parenting alone, many courts still fall back on the stigma of “mother is best”.

The problem of custody gender bias varies from state to state. But fathers from all over the country and yes, even the world, find themselves behind the eight ball when it comes to custody issues. It is perhaps viewed that fathers are incapable of showing the same kind of loving and devoted parenting to children that mothers can, even though that isn’t the case. Many a father who has gained custody of his children has surely managed just as well as a single mother in the same situation. At issue here is that there have been no major studies addressing single parent homes where the father has gained custody of his children after divorce.

Custody Gender Bias Force Father To Fight

When you go into child custody proceedings nothing can be stressed more than "Be aware." Custody gender bias can come from all directions and if you aren't on your toes you could be slapped by a big dose of reality when you see your rights slipping away. Gender bias can come from the mediators if you've decided to go the route of a custody conference. It can come from a judge if you end up having to go to court. And you will most likely find it even with some attorneys. If you really want to win custody of your children you will have to pay strict attention to everything going on in your case. Don't let anyone talk you out of fighting for your rights. It may be the only way you end up coming out on top or even getting a mutually beneficial ruling on your behalf.

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