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Pennsylvania Judges For Child In Custody Cases

Who should have the final say when it comes to custody of your children? Well Pennsylvania child custody laws say that the court knows what's best for you and your children no matter what agreement divorcing spouses decide upon. If you thought that simply agreeing to share joint custody of your children or deciding that the child would be better of with "mom" or "dad" was all it would take, then you need to pay attention to this article. Parents in Pennsylvania are in for a rude awakening when it comes to divorce and custody because in the end it's the courts, not them, that get the final say in the matter.

It may be hard to believe that no matter what decision you and your spouse agree to that a court could simply throw out your decision. But that is exactly what Pennsylvania child custody law provides. The court system itself is firmly seated upon the stance that a judge is the best authority for deciding what is best for the children. In fact, the utmost importance is place upon both parents being a part of the child's life. The laws of the state of Pennsylvania are there to assure that children of a divorce are going to get the love and contact they need from both parents. It may seem that this is the law delving too deeply into a couples personal lives and decisions. However, in some ways it humanizes the process by removing problems of petty arguing and bickering over various custody issues like who gains sole or joint custody custodianship.

Grandparents Win With Pennsylvania Child Custody Laws

Pennsylvania child custody laws do address some issues that other states don't even take into consideration. There are provisions included within the child custody laws for the legal rights of grandparents. Many states don't take into considerations a grandparent's desire or rights to see their grandchildren. Some states do not give them any visitation rights at all. In this matter families are fortunate because all too often in this country, a parent with sole custody can deny grandparents any chance of seeing their grandchildren at all. In Pennsylvania, if one parent dies a court can grant the grandparents partial custody or visitation rights. They may even seek custody if the grandchild has lived with them for 12 months, but all this stems on the grandparents not being in conflict with the remaining parent.

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